Qualipic Camera

  • Easier & nicer
    Just activate AccuSmart and press the shutter button. Then you can get nicer and clearer photo than with standard camera.
  • Share quickly with SNS mode
    Select Twitter or Facebook and press the shutter button. Then you can post and share your photo directly.

AccuSmart camera application has been downloaded 1 million times, and now the latest application is available.
AccuSmart™*1 makes your photo nicer than with the standard camera. Photos already saved can be edited, too.


AccuSmart is the technology that automatically analyzes an image and perform optimum correction in every shooting scene. With AccuSmart, your photo will get the right color and brightness. Food mode will make any food look brighter and more delicious.

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Qualipic Camera function

One tap to change the shooting mode

  • Change AccuSmart mode
    Change AccuSmart mode
    Select Standard, Food or Off. With Food mode, the food will look brighter and more delicious.
  • Select SNS mode
    Select SNS mode
    Screen for posting to Facebook or Twitter will be shown right after shooting. No need to find an image from Album.

Edit your photos later

  • Edit menu
    Correct Album photos easily
    You can use the same AccuSmart mode that you selected for shooting with Album photos. You can post the photo you edit to Facebook or twitter directly.
  • Crop menu
    Rotation, change of aspect ratio
    4 aspect ratios are available, which allows easy cropping with Album photos.

Moving image of operation

Frequently asked questions

Do AccuSmart of Shooting mode and AccuSmart of Edit mode have the same effect?
Yes, the effect is the same.
Can I check the effect of AccuSmart on the photo I take?
Please select Setting and set "Save the original photo" to On on the shooting screen, then the original photo will be saved, too. Please compare the original and corrected photos from Camera Roll.
Sometime only 1 photo is saved, and sometime 2. What is the difference?
When "Save the original photo" is set to On on the shooting screen, the original photo will be saved, too.
When set to Off, the original photo will not be saved.
What is the photo size to be posted to Twitter or Facebook?
640 x 640 pixels for Twitter and 720 x 720 pixels for Facebook at the maximum. If shooting size is larger than this, the photo size will be reduced.
Can I change the position or size of cropping?
Sorry, not with v1.000. Please wait for future version.
It takes some time for shooting. Can I make it faster?
When AccuSmart is On, it takes time for processing. Turning off AccuSmart will shorten the shooting time.
Also, shooting in large size or saving the original photo takes time, too. Please change the setting as necessary.