Product Safety Data Sheet(SDS/AIS)


(M)SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet, and this is a sheet for recording the properties of merchandise (ink, etc.) that contain chemical substances. The name of the substances in the merchandise, information about the risks and toxicity of the substances, cautions concerning proper handling, and environmental impact are recorded in this document.
  • Ink Cartridge
  • Oil and Grease
  • Adhesive Paste
  • Ink Ribbon


AIS stands for Article Information Sheet, and this is a sheet for providing safety information of article merchandise.


The SDS and AIS contains information available to us at the time the document is created, and it is supplied to individuals using applicable merchandise, as reference information for safe handling. It is up to the user to take the initiative to devise appropriate measures for handling this merchandise, based on this information. Please understand that either SDS or AIS in and of itself does not guaranty the safety of the product it applies to.