FAQ about Termination of After-sales parts supply limit

Can you still supply parts (incl. Ink & Paper) that are already out of the after-sales parts supply period, if we place an order?
We will be able to supply parts for the after-sales service if they are available in our inventory.
Will the same measure as limiting the period of the after-sales parts supply period to 8 years from termination of manufacturing of a product be applied to machines which Noritsu will release in the future, too?
We will be obliged to establish the after-sales parts supply period in each product due to such reasons as a life of machinery of products or difficulty in procuring parts. (※In recent years, due to the life cycle of digital parts have been shorten, new product we offer in the future may shorten its period.)
Is there any way to be aware of the parts supply period for a machine installed in our site?
We would like to make a quotation of a machine, whose after-sales service is over, including the costs to manufacture it with the specifications you need. Only with your acceptance of the quoted price together with the schedule for such a machine, could we start manufacturing it.
Can we understand that the parts for the relevant machine can be surely procured during the after-sales parts supply period ?
In spite of our efforts, due to discontinuance of such parts at the manufactures' side and/or changes in their specifications, we may not be able to guarantee the sufficient supply even during the after-sales parts supply limit. Forethermore, please be aware that we will be obliged to raise our sales price due to such reason as increasing cost of materials.