After-sales parts supply limit

As a general rule, the after-sales parts supply period for the imaging products
we offer is 7 years after discontinuation of the product.
Please be aware that we will be obliged to establish the after-sales parts supply period by each product due to
such reasons as a life of machinery of products or difficulty in procuring parts.
For more information, please refer to the Search by Product Model.
Please also be aware that even though products are before the after-sales parts supply limit,
we will be unable to procure spare parts for them in some cases due to discontinuation
by or closure of the supplier of the parts,in which case we will be obliged to stop providing such parts.

1 : Applicable models

[1] QSS / DRY Printer
[2] Film Processor
[3] Peripheral
[4] Equipment for Lab.

2 : After-sales parts supply limit

*Please check details of After-sales parts supply limit for each model from following search menu.


This After-Sales Parts Supply Limit is a policy of Noritsu Koki headquarter, Japan.
Depending on the region, some Noritsu sales offices have their own policy.
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the nearest Noritsu sales office about this.

Mar 29, 2022